Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Post 3: Create Your Own Adopter Categories

For this posting, come up with your own adopter categories. Name each one of them and describe the characteristics of each group.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Post 2

Post 2: Please choose an innovation that you are familiar with and rate it according to each of the five innovation attributes discussed by Rogers. How do these attributes affect the adoption rate in this particular case? Are there any other attributes that one may need to consider?

Post 6: Electronic Government in Developing Countries

The main idea of my proposal is to have a varied and multicultural discussion and data recolection of all the effords, policies, strategic plans and implementaton and diffusion activites each governments (from the perspective of developing or small countries, because Korea is not a devloping country or China) have being doing during the past 5 year or so to encourage de adoption from the citizens and to cross analize this effords in order to stablish commonly basis or a framework that these countries have been working with even without having any communication or related activities with each others. I have been tracing the activity from Malaysia and Mexico, so it woul be very interesting to compare the information with these other countries. I will be so glad to have all the information that you can provide so that we can have a very participative discussion. I'll hope to see your posting, thanks.